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Just like we take care of our farmers to infuse happiness in their lives we also have certain guidelines for them to follow in order maintain good quality of eggs and give our consumers very healthy and nutritious organic eggs. The protocols given to farmers are strictly followed by the Egg Society while our vigilant inspectors randomly check the quality of eggs and ensure that the hens are happy and healthy.

Cage Free Happy Hens

Just like any living being hens remains happy when given an open ambience to grow and breed their eggs. We instruct them to provide a free space of 50sq ft per bird, allowing them to rotate in the green pastures, mud- bathing, resting on trees, and practically the same atmosphere as they are naturally bred in.

Comfortable neat nesting boxes are provided to the farmers to allow the hens to brood in privacy in a secure place. Humane, ethical, and natural breeding guidelines are directed for them to keep the hens in the best possible natural atmosphere.

Hormones and Injections

Naturally raised chickens do not receive hormones or antibiotics. Their natural diet, regular exercise, happier life and sun exposure make them a lot healthier and more resistant to infections than caged chickens. Excessive use of antibiotics also contributes to increased antibiotic resistance and new strains of superbugs that are harder and harder to treat. Natural eggs can help decrease this problem.

Well Trained

The Egg society gives some basic trainings to all the farmers associated with them to breed these hens on scientific lines, keeping them well informed regarding the successful incubation , brooding, rearing and management of adult birds, proper nutrition ratio, and basic knowledge of handling these birds. We call experts to train them and ensure that they understand well as to how to rear these birds in the best possible way.

Grass Feed

Since these hens are being grown in a natural atmosphere they feed on the natural grass, highly nutritional plants, insects, legumes, etc while freely enjoying the socializing, the eggs they produce have a far more nutritional value than the conventional eggs. These eggs fed on natural grass feed have less fat, less cholesterol, and are highly rich in Omega-3, Carotenoids, and protein. They are rich in Vitamin A, Lutein, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene. The egg Society ensures that the farmers ensures that these hens eat healthy and therefore the eggs they produce have far more nutritional value with natural ingredients.

Sun Light

The importance of sunlight is quintessential for these birds at least for 4 hours to ensure that the eggs they produce are rich in vitamin D which has become so essential for all human beings. Essentially yolks from birds that are allowed to wander outdoors have 30 percent more vitamin D compared to the caged birds and a higher content of essential vitamins like zinc, Vitamin A2 and A12 which are found naturally in the eggs that have been exposed to sunlight during their breeding period.

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