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A happy farmer is the back bone for any country to become self sufficient, strong, and powerful but unfortunately it has become a rarity and therefore to empower those hard working people who toil day and night to fill our plates with food and remain hungry themselves the Egg Society was formed to make a difference in their lives and see many smiling farmers. The Egg Society is an initiative towards forming sustainable free range organic poultry farms focusing largely on stopping the shrinking farm lands and making the farmers economically sustainable while contributing towards reviving the culture of organic farming for a happier and healthier India.

The increasing fragmented land because of the inheritance pattern makes a farmer invest more in the lands for the inputs needed to carry out the agricultural process for his crops and ends up in debts. The large no of waiver debts, and election promises are still not enough to improve his quality of life and therefore our project of Egg Society intends to make a real difference in the lives of these farmers who struggle to make ends meet. 86% of Indian farms are less than 2 ha which really does not give back the desired economic returns on their agricultural produce and hence any kind of financial support is not sufficient, changing the pattern of agricultural sustenance like the egg farming would be of immense help.

Boosting Farmer

With shrinking farm sizes and weather playing havoc farmers find it difficult to generate enough income to provide for their households. A happy farmer is one who can see the return of his hard work through the money he hopes to receive for all the toiling he does and the egg society ensures that the farmer gets adequately paid for all their efforts. A farmer contributes immensely to the GDP of our country and with their positions becoming weaker it directly effects the growth of the nation.

To boost the farmers it is imperative that alternative sources of income are provided to them which have no risks and the income is generated from their farmlands. The Egg Society with its foolproof planning , imparting trainings to the farmers and also providing financial help to those who cannot invest in the project , is the panacea that can go a long way in sustaining and improving their lifestyle.

Slowing Urbanization

Every city of India is bursting at its seams while some of the village farmland remains barren and empty. The uneven distribution of rain fed and dry land areas makes land with rich producing crops very unbalanced while paradoxically the cities grow around the fertile lands shrinking the farmland and putting pressure on cities.Balancing the two is the need of the hour and therefore the egg society endeavors towards slowing urbanization.

The Egg society can contribute immensely towards making the farmers stay in their own farmlands and prevents the farmers from leaving their farmlands due to lack of income and migrate towards cities in search for greener pastures putting the future of food production of India at jeopardy. It is a situation that needs immediate attention and cannot be ignored any further.

The poor conditions in which these farmers stay in the urban slums is also deplorable making them lead a lifestyle that is below human standards and creates alarming situations of malnutrition and alarming deaths. This migration from the farmlands to urban cities needs to be controlled and the Egg Society understands this well.

Organic yet Affordable

Most of us are aware of the advantages of organic foods but fear that they might be too costly for our pockets. The egg society structures its plan in such a way that the eggs provided by them would be pocket friendly to the consumer, healthy, and equally benefits the farmers.

The word organic sometimes creates a myth that only the very elite can afford organic foods but here we ensure that the organic eggs that are being provided are hatched under very natural conditions but the planning is such that everyone would be able to afford these highly nutritious organic eggs without worrying about the pricing.It would be a win win situation for both the farmers and the consumers while also taking good care of the hens.

Healthy India

A perfect amalgamation of taste and nutrition free range eggs are produced from hens that are happy healthy and are kept in a natural ambience passing the right nutrition in their eggs giving the consumers nutritional eggs and thereby contributing towards a healthier India.

In India the statistics show that the no of malnutrition and stunted growth of children is amongst the highest in the world and therefore it is important that nutritious foods like eggs are provided to maximum number of adults and children to keep the healthy index of India in the positive mode. The Egg Society plans to increase the no of production of healthy eggs substantially to contribute towards a much healthier India.

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